About Gaia

Gaia Hawaii Metaphysical Store started with the dream of Carol Dae Ryden’s desire to have a place for others on a path of spirituality to gather with acceptance and understanding. Her journey led to many destinations. Many of those destinations led to struggle and others led to success. As her path continued to move forward she ventured into another realm: retail and service. Gaia Hawaii had manifested and now she is living that dream.

At Gaia Hawaii we are dedicated towards providing the best possible environment for those that are seeking growth in their personal path. We strive to meet only the highest of all good. Our products are chosen with conscious thought and direction from Spirit. Our services are directed towards aiding the individual to grow in their own divinity.

At Gaia Hawaii you will find Specialized Readers/Healers in each of their unique field of service. While they specialize in certain areas they are still versed and capable of helping the individual however it is necessary. May your journey with us be one that is filled with Light.