Carla Sharp R.N., M.S.

Carla at Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire, England 2017



Carla Sharp was introduced to astrology through a series of synchronistic events in 1972 when she left Hawaii for San Francisco to attend grad school. Her first teacher was Marie Matheny followed by a course with Jim Lewis in 1973.  Since then she has studied on her own, taken other courses from Susan Aiu, Sue Simmons and  Bill Rand and is currently a distance learning student with a London-based school of astrology.  Carla is a retired child and family therapist and has incorporated Jungian theory into her work for over 40 years. She is a member of the Organization for Professional Astrology and the National Council for Geocosmic Research.


Carla offers hand done astrology chart readings. An astrological birth chart represents an accurate map of the skies at the moment of your birth from the perspective of your birth place.  The birth chart holds a road map of your life and a blueprint for better understanding yourself, your wants and your needs.  A professional chart reading can also help you understand your ‘true calling’,  your relationship needs and your educational direction, and so much more.  Call for an appointment today. 


Wednesdays, by appointment only. Info must be given at least three days in advance.  

Please provide your complete birth information in advance including the date, exact time of birth and place.

Call Gaia Hawaii: (808) 983-3344

Reading per person- $120

Reading per person including written report- $195

Talk Story Session with Carla

An introduction to Carla, her journey and with Astrology.

The work that she does and services she offers at Gaia Hawaii. 

Psychological Astrology, History and More

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