Chubby The Bunny


Hi guys!  My name is Chubby.  I am an Intuitive, Tarot and Oracle Reader, and specializes in Herbs and Potions.  During readings, I select cards and download information also called channeling. My mom, Viper Heart fellow Gaia practitioner, translates to you your message. 
I offer a variety of services here at Gaia.
-Tarot and Oracle Readings, 15 mins: $20
-Herbal Potion Consultations:  
         Comes with consultation and a custom potion to help client with
         their needs
         Session typically takes 30-45 mins. 
                                                                                        Potions range from: $20-$35
-Herb Classes
-Potion Workshops
-Herbal & Potions Intensive
                    Classes Can be group or custom privates             :$20 per class