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Dudley offers sessions in person or by phone. He has worked with clients from Hawaii, United States, Canada, Japan and various international countries. A holistic healing practitioner since 1994, he uses Ki Healing, Healing Touch, various meditation styles, Shizendo Ki research and Intuitive Health to educate clients about self-healing. In 2004, he included psychic readings to help more clients with their personal crisis.

Phone: (808) 983-3344

Psychic Readings | I channel insights about your past, present and future energies. Each session offers compassionate truth to resolve daily challenges.

Ki Healing | My Divine Connection flows healing energy to remove congestion from mind, body and spirit. Your heart and soul will experience love, peace and personal happiness.

Soul Clearing | Are you searching, but feel frustrated with your purpose in life? Your soul may have traumatic memories that prevent future goals from happening. Schedule a soul clearing session to reclaim your destiny.

Past Life | In a sacred Maori meeting place, I witnessed myself as a playful Maori child, a village chief over council, a high priestess conducting sacred rites, a warrior preparing for battle and a shaman healing the sick. This imagery shows how past lives intertwine and influence our present.

Self Healing Workshops | Psychic development and energy healing workshops are held at Gaia Hawaii. Individual or group sessions may be arranged by scheduling an appointment.

Healing Inner Vision | Physical emotional and spiritual stress will affect your health. Ki Wellness offers a variety of healing options to clear negative blocks and promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit. You will leave each personal session knowing, feeling and believing that you can transform your future.

Introductory Classes

∗ Theta Meditation 101, 102

∗ Sacred Mandalas 101, 102

∗ Reiki-Energy Healing 101, 102

∗ Chakras 101, 102

∗ Ki Kinesiology Testing 101, 102

∗ Psychic 101,102

Session cost: $45/person (15 min session)

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Class Synopsis

Reiki with Chakras 101 | Energy is the life force that sustains our being. Learn how to use Ki energy from your hands to balance yourself and others. Chakras are individual centers of energy, which support our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Start balancing your chakras to maintain positive outcomes on all levels.

Reiki with Chakras 102 | Learn additional hand positions to balance more specific body areas connected to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Blocked chakras slow down our life force, but we can use Reiki to clear blocked chakras to flow again.

Theta Meditation & Mandalas 101 | Is life stressing you out? Take this class to learn various meditative styles that will calm your heart, mind and soul. Use basic sacred geometric mandala shapes from the Universal matrix of spirituality for inspirations.

Theta Meditation & Mandalas 102 | Meditation 102 develops practical strategies to be at peace with daily life concerns. Enhance your intuitive soul by creating your own sacred mandalas with special intentions. Using personal mandalas with intentions offer you clarity in a sea of confusion.

Ki Kinesiology 101 | Don’t trust your intuition? Or don’t feel confident about making important decisions that matter? Use the body as a human pendulum to check your gut feelings for positive feedback. You will learn how to test which outcomes produce the best results.

Ki Kinesiology 102 | Is your knowingness clouded by your mind or external influences? 102 will expand your knowledge about trusting your spiritual guidance without hesitation. By using ki kinesiology testing, the body’s response helps your soul to develop instant knowingness.

Psychic 101 | Are you psychic? Take a psychic test to find out which area matches you. Discover your psychic abilities and develop your spiritual awareness

Psychic 102 | Have you ever felt funky, fatigued or unbalanced at times? You may be sensitive to people, smells, environmental influences, colors, etc. Trust your gut feelings and move into a deeper knowingness.


Are you Psychic? Develop Your Intuition. Learn to trust your gut feelings. Channel, Truth, Clarity, Protect & Clear

Every Friday, and Every 1st & 3rd Saturday | Or By Appointment


Tap into Divine Healing! Empower Self-Healing! Heal physical, emotional & spiritual auras. Clear past lives, soul memories, ancestral DNA & more!

Every Friday, and Every 1st & 3rd Saturday | Or By Appointment


“You were the first reader to share how to take back my energy. I don’t enable others to take advantage of me now. I realize that I need to find myself again and release the negative in my life. I really appreciate your insights. Thank you for your guidance.”

L.V., Hawaii

“Where ever you are on your spiritual journey, Dudley’s guidance will awaken your soul with wisdom to help you move forward and grow.”

Tora, Calgary, AB

“Using Theta Healing, Dudley was able to steer my grief about my Mother’s death towards a productive, energized flow. Dudley’s work with me was invaluable in helping me deal with my life’s purpose thereafter.”

S.H. Murakoshi, NY, NY

“Dudley is a very kind and supportive teacher and healer. He is honest, genuine, caring and sincere. His readings and advice are transformative. Dudley has helped me spiritually and I am Thankful that he has been my teacher and guide. I am fortunate to have met him along my spiritual journey. Dudley has truly helped me and so many others.”

S.C., Hawaii