Jodie Cruz

Offering Quantum Touch energy healing sessions for people and their animal companions, Jodie is available for distance sessions worldwide and studio sessions on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Quantum Touch® (QT) is a natural energy modality that uses Life Force energy to promote the body’s own powerful restorative ability. This modality goes beyond symptoms to the core of the issue, addressing the underlying causes on all levels of body, mind and spirit, creating the environment for true healing to occur.

Jodie’s practice is focused on life force energy, amplified intuitively with frequencies of sound and nature energies. Through her belief that everything is energy and consciousness truly affects matter, her work allows you to release stored vibrational density enabling you to move beyond healing into your unlimited potential. Her intention is on releasing the root cause and effect of the issue promoting real and permanent transformation. With extensive experience working with animals and the natural world, Jodie welcomes all species in her practice!


Quantum Touch: $120/Hour

Quantum Touch 15-min sample: $20

Chakra Clearing & Activation: $120/Hour, $60/30-mins

Distance Healing: $120/Hour

Animal Healing: $120/Hour