Kalae Balino

Kalae Balino

A native of Hawaii and descendant of Ali’i, Kahuna and commoners. She is a culture practitioner, seafarer, medium, healer and coach. Specializing in practical personal and spiritual identification & development to assist individuals so they can carry out their souls purpose. Over a decade ago, Kalae came to Gaia Hawaii for help due to a spiritual genetic activation (now many people call this an “awakening”). This activated her genetic abilities that caused her to see, hear spirits, have prophetic dreams & visions and experience the knowing that she had not before. Kalae was afraid and felt she was spiraling. Her search to find relief lead her to Gaia Hawaii where her journey began. Kalae is grateful to have various spiritual teachers, colleagues and mentors who continue to encourage, support & inspire her. She looks forward to assisting you on your spiritual journey.


Every Wednesday @gaia_hawaii 6pm-7pm Live Instagram, talk story sessions with Kalae. Lets talk about our journeys, our beginnings, how spirituality connects us in the slightest ways and so much more.

Aloha Nui Session: Offered as a just a reading as well as assessment process. This Session addresses the following- 

1. Identify any immediate issue/block that receiver may have.

2. If able provide solutions to help resolve the issue and or help toward the healing process

3. Assess to see if person is a right fit for the Mana Series program. An overview of the standards rules and procedures will be discussed with the receiver.

Agreement upon taking courses with Kalae.

1. Treat everyone with Aloha.

2. Be encouraging, helpful and supportive. Don’t be jealous for others. (Physical or spiritual gifts and or abilities.)

3. Leave your issues and ego outside of the class. Come prepared to receive.

4. All students must complete all assignments and task including ongoing journaling. Journaling will help you during the E ala e process. The classes is the time for you to make you a better you. It is a time out for you to invest time, money and energy (Mana) in yourself. Many of us spend our time, money & energy on classes to strengthen our physical bodies but rarely do we invest in our emotional & spiritual well being. Yet we need to nurture all, our mind, body and spirit to have Lokahi, Oneness. What makes courses with me so unique? I use my gifts to talk my guides and or ancestors to talk to your guides and relatives to insure I am specifically helping you. Since we all have loved ones who have crossed over, I have faith that they (spirit family members) only wish to help you on your journey in life therefore I ask for messages and guidance to help you not harm you. Although, addressing pain is hard, it is also a necessary process toward healing. These courses should not be taken lightly and although they’re in 4 week segments it takes time and dedication for the conscious and subconscious to intertwine and manifest into our lives. The wonderful gift about these courses is that it is a continuum, both beginning and end with unlimited paths, bends and adventures throughout your ever changing lives Mana Nui is a course designed to teach people to protect, block and deflect spiritual attacks. Through this course you will learn exercises and have assignments for you to create a safe, healthy, supportive, loving, respectful environment with yourself and loved ones. The exercises create a strong foundation for you to begin to heal and empower yourself. You will also get a better understanding of what you uniquely bring to the world.

Piko Mai is the follow up course to Mana Nui. Now that you have an idea of your unique innate & spiritual gift we must develop it. Piko Mai is designed for you to align your, mind, body and spirit. These exercises will help you focus your Mana (energy) to begin to connect to your 6th sense. The exercises and assignments will help you to actively communicate beyond the vail. Tupuna, Aumakua and Guides (TAG) will help you gain a deeper connection with your guides. Our guides are assigned to us at birth and some have been with us in multiple lives. Our guides are our protectors, guardians, confidants and cheerleaders that are always present but rarely seen or recognized. It is important to identify & build a relationship with your Tupuna, ancestors & aumakua. This course will give you a better understanding of the manifestation process. Pe’a (cross “x” marks the spot, boundary, boarder, edge) Students will present themselves for measurable testing, assessments and questioning in front of a panel of spiritual teachers and or practitioners. Students will do research on themselves to determine what their innate gifts are and where it derived from. The students will submit their declarations that identify and explain their innate gifts and or abilities.

The Pe’a process is to insure students understand and apply their innate abilities in their lives. This will be offered 2-4 times a year. E ala e (Arise) Qualified Students will be offered the opportunity by me to apply for the E ala e process. This process will take a year or longer and only offered once a year. Students will present themselves for measurable testing, assessments and questioning in front of a panel of spiritual teachers and or practitioners. Students will do research on their genealogy and selves to determine what their spiritual gifts are and where it derived from. The students will submit their declarations that identify and explain their spiritual gifts and or abilities. A written report with supporting documents will be submitted to the thesis committee for review. The student will need to demonstrate they understand and are able to defend their declaration. After making revisions and satisfying the thesis committee’s review. The students will give a formal oral presentation in front of the panel, practitioners, genealogist, historians, mentors, family & friends. A certificate presentation & Ho’ike will follow.

Aloha Nui Sessions: $60 for 30 mins 

                                      $120 for 1 hour

4 week Course:       $750 per course