Kalae Balino

Kalae Balino

A native of Hawaii and descendant of Ali’i, Kahuna and commoners. She is a culture practitioner, seafarer, medium, healer and coach. Specializing in practical personal and spiritual identification & development to assist individuals so they can carry out their souls purpose. Over a decade ago, Kalae came to Gaia Hawaii for help due to a spiritual genetic activation (now many people call this an “awakening”). This activated her genetic abilities that caused her to see, hear spirits, have prophetic dreams & visions and experience the knowing that she had not before. Kalae was afraid and felt she was spiraling. Her search to find relief lead her to Gaia Hawaii where her journey began. Kalae is grateful to have various spiritual teachers, colleagues and mentors who continue to encourage, support & inspire her. She looks forward to assisting you on your spiritual journey.


Aloha Nui Session: Offered as a just a reading as well as assessment process. This Session addresses the following- 

1. Identify any immediate issue/block that receiver may have.

2. If able provide solutions to help resolve the issue and or help toward the healing process

3. Assess to see if person is a right fit for the Mana Series program. An overview of the standards rules and procedures will be discussed with the receiver.

Aloha Nui Sessions: $60 for 30 mins 

                                      $120 for 1 hour

Talk Story Session with Kalae 

An introduction to Kalae, her spiritual journey and evolutions.

The work that she does and services she offers at Gaia Hawaii. 

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with her Wife Hazel. Covering topics of 

spirituality between the couples. 

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