Marilyn DeMattos


Marilyn is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since childhood. She has since furthered her metaphysical journey and broadened her gifts in the following:

Access Consciousness®: training, TTTE® specialty workshops, Bars® teacher, Bars® Practitioner since 2012

Certified Akashic Records Practitioner [Center for Akashic Studies] since 2013

Clairvoyant Training Program [International School of Clairvoyance] 2018


Marilyn offers Source Akashic Readings and Energy Transformations which can bring insights, strategies, guidance and confirmation in all areas of life and business. She is a New Paradigm Psychic and Medium therefore, offers mediumship work. Marilyn is an Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner and healer. These sessions can explore the following; Highest-Purpose guidance, Awareness, Knowing and Clearing Tools, Potent life-changing questions, High-frequency peace, joy and clarity.



Phone: (808) 983-3344

Talk Story Session with Marylin 

An introduction to Marilyn, her spiritual journey and evolutions.

The work that she does and services she offers at Gaia Hawaii. 

How Spirituality can manifest through many avenues!

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