Marilyn Demattos

Marilyn Demattos

Psychic Akashic reader and Esoteric Counselor, Energy shifting and Clearing Facilitator.


Akashic Readings:
Akasha is ancient Sanskrit for “primary source“ — that out of
which all things are formed. It is known today as the Quantum
Field. The intention of these readings is to clarify your authentic
desires and preferences. Clarity attracts circumstances, people,
synchronicities and events that show up like magic from the
Field in alignment with your true purpose.

Clearing and Shifting:
Energetic clearing removes non-contributive blocks and
limitations of all kinds. This creates the space to be who you
truly came here to be. Clearing tools create ongoing change and
can shift things like F.U.D. energies — fear, uncertainty and
doubt — to E.A.S.E. energies — empowerment, awareness,
self-knowing and elevated emotions.

Classes for small groups and individuals: Creating Tools; Energy
Clearing; Living Your Truth with Questions; Psychic
Development; Discover Your Life’s Purpose.

Reading Sessions:

$180 per – 1 hour

$45 per-     15 minute segment