Moon Lavender


Moon Lavender is a Psychic Intuitive, Empowerment Soul Coach, Metaphysics Instructor, and Shakti Shaman. She is a graduate of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Academy and the Hawaii Yoga Institute.

Moon believes in self-empowerment and the ability to create your reality through your inner potential.

Through her sessions you will gain clarity on your life path while connecting to divine love and healing. These tools unearth your birth rights to abundance, love, healing, and your spiritual truth.


Are are you ready to let you soul lead the way?


She offers Oracle Card and Intuitive Readings at Gaia Hawaii. Through these sessions, Moon channels messages that assists you in your soul’s growth and awakens your inner potential.

Crystal Ball Readings– (must have 24hr notice) Done through an art of divination called scrying. The Seer gazes into the crystal ball and reveals messages and insight to the querant through channeling.

Private Sound Healing Sessions– (must have 48 hr notice) Use of quartz singing bowls to administer healing to multiple areas of the body, mind, and spirit.  Crystal bowls provide release of tension, relaxation, and activate intuitive journeying.

Channeled Dimensional Art Done in a 30 minute time frame and emailed to client. A special form of art using intuition. The digital art is done within a 30 minute time frame. You receive the finalized digital art through email and may use it as you wish. Your personalized art activates healing and a heightened sense of awareness.

Moon also offers individual classes, group classes and metaphysical group discussions at Gaia Hawaii

Private Classes: 

Guide For The Highly Sensitive Person

Creating Loving Boundaries

Candle Magick

Oracle Cards 101

Psychic Growth & Development

Wicca 101

Ritual & Magick Basics 

Each class includes a course packet and one on one class time with Moon Lavender. 

Class length is 1 1⁄2 hrs

1-Hour reading / $150
30-mins reading / $80
20-mins reading / $60 

Crystal Ball Readings (20mins) – $50

Private Classes: $155 

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing (1hr)- $130.00

Custom Channeled Dimensional Art Drawings- $80.00



Talk Story Session with Moon

An introduction to Moon, her spiritual beginnings, evolutions, studies and journey.

The work that she does and services she offers at Gaia Hawaii. 

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