Bonnie-Lee H Fernandez

Bonnie-Lee H. Fernandez (No Rei Ha)

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Channeled Artist

Lemurian Crystal Gatekeeper


There is so many definitions to the energy that I hold and encompass, as a human we tend to have the need to define ourselves for better understanding of what is conveyed outwardly to others, especially in the confines of healing work. I understand the need for identifying certain aspects but by no means are we defined by a singular title. I can expand and explain further on this in our live discussion if you would like.

My crystal journey began 30 years ago at 27 and throughout those years so much more opened psychically for me. Prior to 27 I had zero interest in all things psychic. I was introduced to crystals by a psychic friend of mines I met at 27 and the rest became a fascinating journey of awakening into what was already known within by triggers, synchronicity and transformational pinnacles. Explosive growth periods and experiences catapulted or accelerated where Iflexible needed to be at every pinnacle in my life.

I have been shown many lifetimes of mines especially the Lemurian Crystal Gatekeeper, tapping into this reservoir of knowledge has allowed myself to not just help me but others with crystals, helping others understand the connection to the crystal consciousness and what it means for them on every level, a lot of self-taught work was highly guided intuitively on my path of growth, which I accepted and continued to move forward through resistance or blocks of any kind, I basically kept going with no end in sight absorbing so much knowledge and utilizing discernment as a navigational tool.


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