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Just Ask. 

Chubby and Viper will communicate to teach the class about five different herbs, their uses in daily living, how to use them for magikal purposes, and will give everyone a chance to make an herbal potion or ointment of their choice.

$20 per entry 

(All Ages welcome)

Learn to connect to your Higher Self and Soul to create beautiful works of art.

$20 per entry 

Learning to listen to your intuition

to help guide you through life and day to day living.

$10 per entry 

✨ A Mediumship Training Workshop 🔮 at Gaia Hawaii 🌴 open to all ages ✨ learn to connect to your sense and tune into the frequencies of spirit that is all around us. Have you ever felt a chill up your spine and then smelt the fragrance of your passed grandma’s favorite flower? 🌸 What is grandma trying to say to you? 👁 open your third eye and allow yourself to hear and see. 

$20 per entry 

Learn to use Pendulums, Read Tea Leaves and Scry at an intermediate level.

$20 per entry 

Working with fish! – Simple aquaponic set up to home a fish (or two) and grow three crops.

$20 per entry 

(All ages welcome)

We all have the power to utilize our creativity in order to learn from imagery by our souls and subconscious thoughts. Children naturally know how to do this very well as they embrace zero restrictions and biases when it comes to making art of any type. Everyone is welcome.

$10 per entry 

Learn to read and do Oracle Card readings

$20 per entry 

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January 30th, 2022  at 7pm