If you are interested in joining

any of Gaia Hawaii’s events or workshops

Give us a call at 808 983 3344 to reserve. 

Discover Your Power 🔮

Weekend Fest ✨🌺  At Gaia Hawaii 🔮🌴 August 21-22nd

Join us for a two day Full Moon Event 🌛🌝🌜

Giving you the chance to connect with you inner strengths and higher self, align, attune and heal👩🏿‍🎤


Day 1

•Automatic Painting Workshop 🎨

•Human Design Workshop 🧬

•Full Moon Circle, Aquarius ♒️

Day 2

•Copper Earrings DIY 📿

•Unpack Mediumship Workshop 📜

•Live Panel Mediumship Reading 🔮

CALL TO RESERVE 808 983 3344

Tickets Available-

(Separate Event) Sound Healing Aug 20th 6:15pm -$35

Full Weekend Purchase-(Aug 21-22)  $120

2 mini readings, 2 workshop Entries,

and 5 give away Raffle entries

One Day Purchase-(Aug 21-22)  $60

1 Mini Reading, 1 Workshop entry, 4 Give away Raffle entries

Full Moon Circle- (Aug 21st) @6:15pm  $20

1 Raffle Entry 

Panel Live Mediumship Reading- (Aug 22nd)@4pm  $25, 1 Raffle Entry

Workshops- (Aug 21-22) $35, 1 Raffle Entry each

Psychic Readings- (Aug 21-22)15 min- $20, 30min- $40, 1 Raffle Entry each

Lemurian Sound Activation

Friday, August 20th 6:15-~7pm

Experience the Lemurian Healing Technique
with Sound Medicine brought to you by Celeste Gluz,
a carrier of the Rose Frequency.
This session provides DNA activation & subtle releases in the physical & emotional field,
Using instruments such as Alchemy sound bowls,
chimes and rain stick.
Make sure to arrive hydrated and on a light stomach.
Celeste suggests to set your intention in Heart before arriving.
$35 per entry.

Join us ✨ at Gaia Hawaii 🔮🌴
Sunday, July 11th at 11:30am-1pm 🌺
for a Family Fun
Automatic Painting Workshop 🎨
Allow your higher self and the universe to paint through you.
Led by Viper Heart ♥️
Let’s make something beautiful! ✨
Bring the whole family!
Children and adults will have their own art kits 🎉

Call 808 983 3344 to reserve

$40 per entry

This workshop brings up, crystal consciousness awareness and how to communicate with crystals through your higher spiritual intuition, telepathy, key points of the body that crystal’s connect, and more. You will be working with a variety of different types of crystals, learning how to identify the crystal energies and establishing a bond or connection. As well as practice listening to the crystals subtle nudges and learning to differentiate messages specifically to you. 

With Bonnie Fernandez, Lemurian Crystal Gate Keeper and Channeled Healer and Artist.

$35 Per Enrty

Join us For a Healing Topic Discussion Group!

Open Discussion Group on topics involving healing
techniques, the healing process, how to get started, and more

All Welcome, bring your beautiful minds,

questions, theories, ideas and knowledge!  

Held every last Sunday of the month.

Led by Viper Heart, Psychic Reader, Medium and Healer. 

$10 per entry.