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any of Gaia Hawaii’s events or workshops

Give us a call at 808 983 3344 to reserve. 

Workshops and events have distance attendance options.

Just Ask. 

In this 12 week intensive course, we will cover all areas of potion making. 🌿
From basics on how to set up your sacred space, to making beginners level potions, ritual mixes, intermediate to advanced potion making and more. Students will learn a variety of potions: ointments, oils, elixirs, mason jar spells, money jars, cauldron work, tinctures, sprays etc.
•Starts Wednesday, May 18th
Next course- Wednesday, May 25 5:30-7:30pm

✨$20 per entry ✨

Join us for a Group Mediumship Read led by Viper Heart at Gaia Hawaii 🔮🌴 Each participant will receive a gift that helps them connect with loved ones on other side. 🌬 ✨ $20 per entry

🌺 Come learn to express yourself and take back your divine femininity in a safe learning environment. This class is for women only ✨ $15 per entry ✨ 

Herbs and Potions, intensive program ✨ Chubby and Viper will communicate to teach students about different herbs, their properties, magical purposes, daily living purposes, and more. Each class will cover two herbs in depth and students will create a potion at the end of each class using: the herbs they learned about in that class, along with crystals, oils, and resins

$20 per entry ✨ 

Immerse yourself into the eyes of other’s art mediums, writings and visuals in a safe environment to enjoy meaningful creations.
Both spectators and artists are welcome. $10 entry fee

Calling all artists!
Gaia Hawaii is looking for artists of all kinds to come showcase their art at our monthly artists night. Artists will have the opportunity to sale their works and do a presentation if they so desire. This is a great opportunity to meet with other local artists and to get to know others in the community. Whether you want to present your art or you want to come out to meet like minded individuals ✨
Food is provided.
Interested artists please contact 808.983.3344

🕊  🌌 Students will embark on a journey to revisit memories from one or multiple past lives. Learn how to connect into these memories during your own meditation 🕯
✨$35 per entry ✨

 Students will learn recipes, details of ingredients and preparations, how to utilize the pestle and mortar, kitchen space set up, grimoire, book of shadows and more.
✨ $25 per entry ✨

Sunrise Rooftop Session with Mr. Rahsaan. Learn to movement meditate and harness the energies around you, with a second generation Tai Chi instructor.
Call 808 983 3344 to register

$25 per entry