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🔮🌴📜Gaia Academy’s, Summer Program ☀️ presents Gardening Basics 👩🏼‍🌾 🌱  

Part One:
Starting From the Soil, Seeding and Transplanting. Learn about amendments and how they can help you cultivate healthy plants with nutrition from the ground up. Everything you need to know to make sure your plants thrive from their base. We’ll also be discussing the differences in certain soil and knowing what to use based on the type of plants you’re growing. Learn what different seeds need to germinate properly and how to protect the small ones while they enter their first stage of life and become seedlings, then learn how to safely and securely transplant your seedlings into bigger pots, or into the ground.

Part Two:
Learn how to build companionship in your garden by pairing plants that create communities, assisting each other with their unique traits. Caring for your garden takes time, know exactly what your plants are telling you they need. Create the communication with the life you’re cultivating for the best care possible. This will allow you to receive the best results possible for your garden. Learn to forage Safely without disrupting the ecosystem as we discuss regenerative practices and how to build the diversity in your gardens and how it aids the overall health of your plants.

$25 per entry

a 12 week intensive course, covering all areas of potion making. 🌿
From basics on how to set up your sacred space, to making beginners level potions, ritual mixes, intermediate to advanced potion making and more. Students will learn a variety of potions: ointments, oils, elixirs, mason jar spells, money jars, cauldron work, tinctures, sprays etc.
•Starts Wednesday June 1st
✨$20 per entry ✨

Click below to is see in depth info on all of our events, classes and workshops!