Melissa Rutigliano

Melissa began her spiritual journey over 20 years ago using the healing power of crystals, breathwork, and movement. These combined practices evolved naturally to incorporate living cyclically; with not only her body, but the moon phases, as well as the seasons. A lifelong dancer and artist, Melissa has found many ways to heal, and is passionate about sharing this
knowledge. She is currently a student of both Reiki (level 2) and somatic psychology. She is certified to teach Hoop Dance, as well as hold space in Leadership. This passion behind “Circles Cycles and Crystals” has led to many Wellness Workshops that Melissa offers. She guides New Moon Circles for women which are safe spaces to lean in to whatever season of life you find yourself dancing in. During a Moon Circle you are guided to
open up your mind and body via breathwork and movement, from there you are gently guided into key journaling prompts and ritual; sharing and witnessing eachother in this process.



New Moon Women’s Circles- $20 per entry