Each of our Spiritual Counselors have come to Gaia Hawaii from different walks of life. Each has grown in their own rite to be who they are and to do what they do. Each has a calling to help humanity’s evolution by being a conduit of Light in their respective fields.

Gaia Hawai’i Psychics offer an array of Psychic Readings, using Divination tools such as Oracle and Tarot Cards as well as Clairvoyant Channelling an more.

All of Gaia’s Psychics are Channelers, meaning they channel messages from Divine Source to you. These are message are meant for you to hear and know in this time of your life. Clairvoyance just means that this individual has the sight that allows him or her to see their clients energy and paths so that they may better understand and communicate these messages.

Gaia’s Healers offer many types of energy healings, from Reiki to Spiritual Response Therapy, Access Consciousness, Quantum Touch, Crystal Healing and more.    

All of Gaia Hawai’i’s Healers direct positive healing energy from Divine Source straight to you in one for or another. Focusing on things like past life traumas, chakra points and alignment or connecting to you to your conciseness and more.

Take a look at our various Counselors, if you would like to contact us, feel free to come into the store, or call to make an appointment

Carol Dae Ryden

Psychic Reader & Clairvoyant

Marilyn DeMattos

Psychic & Access Consciousness Healer

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Moon Lavender

Intuitive, Oracle Card and Crystal Ball Reader, Soul Coach and Group Class Instructor & Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healer

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Dudley Yogi

Psychic & Healer

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Carla Sharp


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Kerri-Lynn Kamaka

Animal Communicator

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Kalae Balino

Hawaiian Medium, Healer and Coach

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Light Language Channeler, Reader, and Intuitive Artist

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