Healers and Psychics

Gaia Hawai’i’s Healers, Teachers and Psychics offer a vast array of Services including the use of Oracle/Tarot Cards, Astrology Readings, Mediumship, Clairvoyant Channelling and many more.

To make appointment with any of the following spiritual practitioners below please call (808) 983-3344 to reserve a spot or time with them. Walk-ins vary by practitioner however there are available readers daily in the store. Feel free to ask any questions or insights.

Each of these spiritual practitioners have come to Gaia Hawaii from different walks of life. Each has grown in their own rite to be who they are and to do what they do. Each has a calling to help humanity’s evolution by being a conduit of Light in their respective fields.

Carol Dae Ryden

Psychic Reader & Clairvoyant

Viper Heart

Medium & Crystal Healer

Hi everyone!  My name is Viper.  My main passion in life is teaching and mentoring students.  I am the Magical School and Events Manager here at Gaia Hawaii.  I offer a variety of classes ranging from beginners Oracle and Crystal Healing, to Mediumship Mentorship, to cooking classes, candle making, potions, animal communication, and much more.  I work with all ages Preschool and up and am excited to intuitively guide students on their journey.  I also offer Readings in the form of Tea Leaf Readings, Scrying, Mediumship, and Intuitive readings.  I offer Sound healing sessions, Shaman Drumming sessions, Crystal Healing Energetic Healing.

Tea Leaf Readings:
15 minutes $30
30 minutes  $60 
Scrying Readings:
15 minutes $30
30 minutes  $60
Intuitive Readings:
15 minutes  $20
30 minutes  $35
45 minutes  $45
1 Hour $60
Mediumship Readings:
15 minutes   $20
30 minutes   $35
45 minutes   $45
60 minutes   $60
Sound Healings:
$40 for 45 minutes-1 hour
Shaman Drumming Sessions:
These sessions use drumming and if client is comfortable, the use of smoke in the room will be used for healing purposes.
30 minutes $30 
1 hour $50
Crystal Energetic Healing:
15 minutes-$20
30 minutes-$35
45 minutes-$45
1 hour-$60


Tarot Reader, Rose Healer and Reiki Practitioner, compassion meditation teacher

Aloha! My name is Margaret, and I do meditation, advice tarot readings (no future readings), Rose Healing, and Reiki. My purpose is giving back to what this beautiful island has given to me which are all these gifts that was beautifully inspired onto me along with me taking the leap of faith and moving here just to fulfill that purpose.

Wren Atlas

Semiotics and Writing Workshops, Tarot and Oracle Reader

My name is Wren Atlas and I believe that it is not just a birthright but in our free will to curate and experience our realities in the world as we want them to be. We are innately our own unique universes experiencing ourselves beautifully within a planet infused with change, shadowing-emotions and hardship–so I am more than happy to contribute to these curiosities through the knowledge of my offerings and services. This consists of my Intensive Semiotics course which covers the forms of studying spiritual symbolism, Intensive Writing Course covering various methods of writing (such as shadowing through poetry, sigils or writing-charged spells), and about the archetypal study of using tarot cards or runes. I also offer regular OR shadow readings through tarot/oracle cards that are advice and present-tense based. Let us learn together in a safe, inclusive environment and venture together in a world filled with stories to tell!


Enerhiya Alchemist, Reiki Master, Tropical Astrologer, Intuitive Empath, Medicine Woman, and Bruha

Maia is a first generation Filipinx amongst four other backgrounds. She focuses on a decolonized mindset, lovingly holding space for individuals to reconnect to their ancestors, and rebuild their connection to the soul and ego. Her goal is to change the narrative of what it means to be spiritual in our Western society. As an Intuitive Alchemist, Empath, and Bruha, they are passionate about supporting others on their spiritual journey and believe every individual on this planet has the power to channel their own energy and reclaim their gifts. Working within the metaphysical realms has been a significant part of Maia’s life. They are always fascinated by ways they can heal and transform through herbs, crystals, art forms, nature and connecting with community. As a Gemini, she considers herself a multi-faceted being, constantly holding an eclectic mix of interests and hobbies.


Maia is an attuned Reiki Master & teacher, Tropical Astrologer, Herbal Alchemist, and Workshop Facilitator. Some workshops include Women’s Circles, Astrology 101 & 102, Developing Your Intuition, and more. She is currently taking a course on Filipinx Ancestral Medicine, with other certifications to follow. Holding a safe space for individuals to feel fully seen and heard is Maia’s objective and top priority in her practice. They are here as a conduit of guidance for their fellow humans on this planet, to feel supported and understood in this reality and beyond. 

Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions: 

Maia channels messages from beyond and supports individuals in the realignment of energetic points within the physical and spiritual body. Each session honors each individual’s needs with the creation of a safe space for individuals to share their experiences, what they are ready to let go of, and expectations of each session. Maia uses the support of other spiritual modalities in addition to Reiki energy such as the utilization of oracle cards, smoke clearings, crystal healing frequencies, sound tools, and essential oils to help clear the aura and realign the Chakras.

Natal Chart Readings: 

Your birth date, birth time, and location of birth will show the exact placements of the luminaries (Sun & Moon) and each planet at the very moment of your birth. Combining both Tropical (Western) and Intuitive Astrology creates a unique story of identity that will help individuals navigate the world with new information of what nourishes their soul, ignites their passion, shows how they love, how they communicate, brings them luck, fuels their career, how they heal, and among others.

Crystal Reiki Healing
✨60 min. (90 min. total)
✨Distance Reiki Available
Crystal Reiki Healing
✨90 min. (2 hrs total)
✨Distance Reiki Available
Crystal Reiki Healing
✨2 Individuals/Couples
✨Up to 3 people
✨90 min. (2 hrs total)
✨Distance Reiki Available
Mini Natal Chart Reading
15 min.
Natal Chart Reading
30 min.



Natal Chart Readings
✨2 People
✨30min each

Melissa Rutigliano

New and Full Moon Women’s Circle Facilitator

Melissa began her spiritual journey over 20 years ago using the healing power of crystals, breathwork, and movement. These combined practices evolved naturally to incorporate living cyclically; with not only her body, but the moon phases, as well as the seasons. A lifelong dancer and artist, Melissa has found many ways to heal, and is passionate about sharing this
knowledge. She is currently a student of both Reiki (level 2) and somatic psychology. She is certified to teach Hoop Dance, as well as hold space in Leadership. This passion behind “Circles Cycles and Crystals” has led to many Wellness Workshops that Melissa offers. She guides New Moon Circles for women which are safe spaces to lean in to whatever season of life you find yourself dancing in. During a Moon Circle you are guided to
open up your mind and body via breathwork and movement, from there you are gently guided into key journaling prompts and ritual; sharing and witnessing eachother in this process.

New Moon Women’s Circles- $20 per entry 

Mr. Rahsaan

Tai Chi Instructor, Sound Healer

               Second Generation Tai Chi Instructor Mr. Rahsaan teaches the basics of Tai Chi to students staring with the first forms and working their way through all three forms.  Classes will go at each individual students pace.

Tai Chi Group Classes: $25 per student

Tai Chi Private Classes: $30 per student

                Sound healings will be with Mr. Rahsaan and Viper Heart.  Sound bowls, drums, chimes, and rain sticks are used during these healing sessions.  A massage table or floor mats are available for the client.  Please bring a journal if you would like to take notes.  We are available to discuss anything the client would like before or after session.  We will do a mini consult to see what client is looking to work on prior to session.

Client can choose to add on Crystal healing during their sound healing for an additional $10.

Group Sound Healings: $30 per person            

Private Sound Healings: $40 per person

Adriana N

Spiritualist, Card Reader, and Crystal Enthusiast 

Adriana is a spiritualist, card reader, and crystal enthusiast originally from Texas. Her spiritual journey began in high school when she got her first set of crystals and began learning numerology. After graduating college with her BBA in Marketing, she continued her awakening by teaching herself astrology and cartomancy. Then, when she first visited her family in Hawaii, the Star tarot card ended up in her suitcase! She took it as a sign from her guides to begin reading tarot and oracle cards. In the future, Adriana plans to expand her spiritual career by offering a variety of divination readings and herbal products.

Crystal Guidance Reading: This reading is dedicated to helping you find the perfect crystal! In this reading, my cards and I will look at your current circumstances and find out which three crystals’ energy will best serve you at this time.

General Reading: If you’re not looking for anything specific, then this reading is great for you! My cards and I will pick up on your current energies and deliver what you need to hear at this moment.

Love/Romance: For this in-depth reading, my cards and I will look at the current energies surrounding your love/romance life. We’ll look at your current circumstances and discover any blockages/stagnancies. Lastly, we’ll give you advice for moving forward so you can attract love that serves your highest good.

Finance/Career: For this in-depth reading, my cards and I will look at the current energies surrounding your finances/career. We’ll look at your current circumstances and discover any blockages or stagnancies. Then, we’ll give you advice moving forward so you can attract an abundant future.

Moonology: This reading is made for people who love connecting with the moon and her energies. We’ll discover what moon phase and moon transit you should work with based on your current energy.


Intuitive, Tarot and Oracle Reader, Herbs and Potions Specialist 

Hi guys!  My name is Chubby.  I am an Intuitive, Tarot and Oracle Reader, and specializes in Herbs and Potions.  During readings, I select cards and download information also called channeling. My mom, Viper Heart fellow Gaia practitioner, translates to you your message. 
I offer a variety of services here at Gaia.
Tarot and Oracle Readings, 15 mins: $20
Herbal Potion Consultations:  
Comes with consultation and a custom potion to help client with their needs.
These sessions typically takes 30-45 mins. 
Potions range from: $20-$35
I also do Herb Classes, Potion Workshops and Herbal & Potions Intensives.
Classes Can be group or custom privates: $20 per class

Mariah M.

Astrologer & Human Design Teacher

Hello! My name is Mariah and I’m an astrologer who specializes in the ancient art of Hellenistic astrology. My journey began over five years ago when I was given a crystal from a coworker who inspired me to reconnect with my inner guidance. In addition to offering natal, solar return and synastry chart readings, I make custom jewelry and art with the intention to share my growing knowledge and inspire others to embrace their own highest vibrational good through connection to nature and the cosmos.

Carla Sharp


Carla Sharp was introduced to astrology through a series of synchronistic events in 1972 when she left Hawaii for San Francisco to attend grad school. Her first teacher was Marie Matheny followed by a course with Jim Lewis in 1973.  Since then she has studied on her own, taken other courses from Susan Aiu, Sue Simmons and  Bill Rand and is currently a distance learning student with a London-based school of astrology.  Carla is a retired child and family therapist and has incorporated Jungian theory into her work for over 40 years. She is a member of the Organization for Professional Astrology and the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

Carla offers hand done astrology chart readings. An astrological birth chart represents an accurate map of the skies at the moment of your birth from the perspective of your birth place.  The birth chart holds a road map of your life and a blueprint for better understanding yourself, your wants and your needs.  A professional chart reading can also help you understand your ‘true calling’,  your relationship needs and your educational direction, and so much more. 

Wednesdays, by appointment only. Info must be given at least three days in advance.  

Please provide your complete birth information in advance including the date, exact time of birth and place.

Reading per person- $120

Reading per person including written report- $195

Kalae Balino

Hawaiian Medium, Healer and Coach

A native of Hawaii and descendant of Ali’i, Kahuna and commoners. She is a culture practitioner, seafarer, medium, healer and coach. Specializing in practical personal and spiritual identification & development to assist individuals so they can carry out their souls purpose. Over a decade ago, Kalae came to Gaia Hawaii for help due to a spiritual genetic activation (now many people call this an “awakening”). This activated her genetic abilities that caused her to see, hear spirits, have prophetic dreams & visions and experience the knowing that she had not before. Kalae was afraid and felt she was spiraling. Her search to find relief lead her to Gaia Hawaii where her journey began. Kalae is grateful to have various spiritual teachers, colleagues and mentors who continue to encourage, support & inspire her. She looks forward to assisting you on your spiritual journey.

Aloha Nui Session: Offered as a just a reading as well as assessment process. This Session addresses the following- 

1. Identify any immediate issue/block that receiver may have.

2. If able provide solutions to help resolve the issue and or help toward the healing process.

3. Assess to see if person is a right fit for the Mana Series program. An overview of the standards rules and procedures will be discussed with the receiver.

Aloha Nui Sessions: $60 for 30 mins 

 $120 for 1 hour

Marilyn Demattos

Psychic Akashic Reader and Esoteric Counselor, Energy shifting and Clearing Facilitator.

Akashic Readings:
Akasha is ancient Sanskrit for “primary source“ — that out of
which all things are formed. It is known today as the Quantum
Field. The intention of these readings is to clarify your authentic
desires and preferences. Clarity attracts circumstances, people,
synchronicities and events that show up like magic from the
Field in alignment with your true purpose.

Clearing and Shifting:
Energetic clearing removes non-contributive blocks and
limitations of all kinds. This creates the space to be who you
truly came here to be. Clearing tools create ongoing change and
can shift things like F.U.D. energies — fear, uncertainty and
doubt — to E.A.S.E. energies — empowerment, awareness,
self-knowing and elevated emotions.

Classes for small groups and individuals: Creating Tools; Energy
Clearing; Living Your Truth with Questions; Psychic
Development; Discover Your Life’s Purpose.

Reading Sessions:

$180 per – 1 hour

$45 per-     15 minute segment

Bonnie-Lee H Fernandez

Custom Healing Crystal Bracelets, Lemurian Crystal Gate Keeper, Channeled Artist and Healer    

There is so many definitions to the energy that I hold and encompass, as a human we tend to have the need to define ourselves for better understanding of what is conveyed outwardly to others, especially in the confines of healing work. I understand the need for identifying certain aspects but by no means are we defined by a singular title. I can expand and explain further on this in our live discussion if you would like.

My crystal journey began 30 years ago at 27 and throughout those years so much more opened psychically for me. Prior to 27 I had zero interest in all things psychic. I was introduced to crystals by a psychic friend of mines I met at 27 and the rest became a fascinating journey of awakening into what was already known within by triggers, synchronicity and transformational pinnacles. Explosive growth periods and experiences catapulted or accelerated where Iflexible needed to be at every pinnacle in my life.

I have been shown many lifetimes of mines especially the Lemurian Crystal Gatekeeper, tapping into this reservoir of knowledge has allowed myself to not just help me but others with crystals, helping others understand the connection to the crystal consciousness and what it means for them on every level, a lot of self-taught work was highly guided intuitively on my path of growth, which I accepted and continued to move forward through resistance or blocks of any kind, I basically kept going with no end in sight absorbing so much knowledge and utilizing discernment as a navigational tool.

Custom Healing Crystal Bracelets (prices vary) 


Light Language Channeler, Reader, and Intuitive Artist

Saniteu is an intuitive artist and Light Language channeler. She works with Angelic and Galactic beings that are centered in unconditional love to bring guidance and healing for individuals and the collective. What is Light Language? It has also been known as speaking in tongues. It is the language spoken through the heart. It can take the form of singing, toning, hand/body movements, drawn light codes and light codes from the sky. In her readings, Saniteu will be utilizing a variety of card decks including her own Mandala Vortex Oracle to provide messages and guidance. For Light Language sessions she will intuitively select the best form of the Light Language channeling, through either singing/speaking or drawn light codes. Messages and guidance will also be provided in English.

Readings and Light Language Sessions-Psychic channeled readings using Light Language (language spoken through the heart) as well as a variety of card decks including her own Mandala Vortex Oracle to provide messages and guidance

Group Light Language Activations-Channeled Light Language activations for smaller groups.

Light Language Classes- What is light Language? How to activate and how to access the different forms that it takes.

Mandala Vortex Oracle Classes- How to utilize the Oracle deck for readings and healing.

RATES: $120/Hour, $60/30-minutes

Phone: (808) 983-3344

Kerri-Lynn Kamaka

Animal Communicator

Kerri-Lynn bridges the gap between people and their beloved pets. She gives a voice to the ones who have none. She makes a loving, meaningful connection with animals bringing healing and light to all.

RATES: $70 for 30 mins / $120 for 1-hour