Viper Heart

Hi everyone!  My name is Viper.  My main passion in life is teaching and mentoring students.  I am the Magical School and Events Manager here at Gaia Hawaii.  I offer a variety of classes ranging from beginners Oracle and Crystal Healing, to Mediumship Mentorship, to cooking classes, candle making, potions, animal communication, and much more.  I work with all ages Preschool and up and am excited to intuitively guide students on their journey.  I also offer Readings in the form of Tea Leaf Readings, Scrying, Mediumship, and Intuitive readings.  I offer Sound healing sessions, Shaman Drumming sessions, Crystal Healing Energetic Healing.


Tea Leaf Readings
        15 minutes $30
        30 minutes  $60 
Scrying Readings
        15 minutes $30
        30 minutes  $60
Intuitive Readings
        15 minutes  $20
        30 minutes  $35
        45 minutes  $45
        1 Hour         $60
Mediumship Readings
        15 minutes   $20
        30 minutes   $35
        45 minutes   $45
        60 minutes   $60
Sound Healings
                $40 for 45 minutes-1 hour
Shaman Drumming Sessions:
                These sessions use drumming and if client is comfortable, the use of smoke in the room will be used for healing purposes.
                    30 minutes-$30 
                    1 hour-$50
Crystal Energetic Healing:
                15 minutes-$20
                 30 minutes-$35
                  45 minutes-$45
                1 hour-$60