Viper Heart

Hi, my name is Viper Heart. I am a Psychic Medium, Crystal Healer, Oracle, and Teacher. As a Medium, I connect to those who have passed on to bring closure to those still here in this realm and to relay messages to those in this realm from their loved ones. I offer Oracle card readings as well, where I connect into the Universe, using different card decks to channel information to my clients to help answer their questions and give them information for their highest good. For my Crystal Healing sessions I place crystals on and around the body of the client while channeling from the Universe and communicating with loved ones of the clients who have passed on. I use my own energy, the crystals, and essential oils to help move energy in my clients body specific to what they are looking to heal and to help with stagnant energy in the chakras. I charge the crystals with
the intentions of what the client wants to heal and Spirit tells me what to do throughout the session and where to place the crystals. I enjoy teaching classes and educating others and doing anything I can for the community. I love all that I do with a passion and am grateful for the opportunity to help
others on their healing journey.



Oracle and Mediumship Readings
15 Minutes-$30
30 Minutes-$60
45 Minutes-$90
1 Hour-$120

Crystal Healing Session
30 Minutes-$75
1 Hour-$150
1.5 Hours-$200